Plexus UVC-650Ultraviolet Sanitization System

Use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.
Safe and effective sanitization
Five minute clean time
No chemical residue, No odor

Microchem Laboratory Report

An independent study to determine the antimicrobial properties of the Plexus UVC-650, Oct. 2020.        View/Download pdf report

The Power of the Sun

The third part of the UV spectrum, UV-C is a proven source of solar sanitization. Our state-of-the-art bulbs harness this unrivaled power to create safe, germ-free environments.

Pairing Safety and Sanitization

An automatic start timer ensures you’re kept safely distant from the UV light. A motion sensor guarantees no unwanted exposure occurs during the cleaning cycle.

Built with the User in Mind

Our intuitive, touch-screen display was created for fast, accurate cleaning which helps drive efficiency throughout your disinfecting process.

five minute clean!

An easy-to-use sanitization solution.

High-intensity UV-C light begins working immediately to kill germs on contact. Unlike aerosols or other liquid sanitization methods, UV-C is safe to use in any room and on any surface without the risk of damage. The user-friendly interface allows you to safely and efficiently program your cleaning cycle. The commercial-grade power of Plexus creates maximum output and effectively sanitizes up to 650 sq. ft. in just five minutes. This pinpointed dose is guaranteed to leave your space safely sanitized without creating unwanted bottlenecks in service, allowing you to get back to business while maintaining a safe environment.

Leave Room

Antiviral UV technology works where you need it.


Urgent Care, Emergency Room, Patient Room, Lobby


Department Store, Grocery, Gas Station, Boutique


Conference Room, Private Office, Lobby, Break Room


Fast Casual, Fine Dining, Deli, Bodega, Fast Food


Hotel, Trampoline Park, Arcade, Play Area, Casino


Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Porch, Bedroom


Airplane, Bus, Subway, Cruise Ship, Ferry


Yoga, Karate, Apartment Complex, Large Scale


Fulfillment Centers, Direct-to-Customer, Drop Ship


The UV-C 650 aggressively combats germs without exposing the operator. After running the five-minute cleaning cycle, your space is safe to enter and free from chemical residue and unpleasant odors.


UV-C is 100% natural and derived from the same wavelengths created by the sun. Outside of the visible spectrum, UV light provides an alternative to harmful cleaning products.


Kills germs every time. The UVC-650 is 99.99% effective in inactivating microorganisms, including Coronavirus and other harmful pathogens.


High-intensity UV-C light works quickly to efficiently sanitize up to 650 sq. ft. in just five minutes. Allowing for a quick turnaround and minimal interruption to business.

UVC-650 Sterilization Machine Details
71 in. tall
Lamp Type:
Philips UV-C 253.7mm
Lamp Quantity:
Total Power:
325 W x 2 pcs. = 650 W
Radiation Area:
550-650 sq. ft.

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